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Welcome to Montenberg, a world of shirts and accessories.

At Montenberg we think that every man has the right to several stylish shirts in the wardrobe. Therefore, we always offer standing quantity discounts when buying more than one shirt. In addition, we do not sacrifice quality, it should be high, and we are proud that our shirts are of the highest standard. We aim to always develop and broaden the product range in order to be able to offer the shirt that suits you precisely in terms of color, size or material. A classic oxford shirt with buttondown collar is a timeless shirt that must be included in the base wardrobe. Montenberg have therefore developed an oxford shirt that meets everyday high demands. The shirt's fabric is washed several times before production for soft and comfortable use. It is most suitable for use during the winter months, as the thicker weave makes the shirt warm and comfortable to wear. Our twill shirts are a great fit for a suit or jacket and the fabric is distinguished by its diagonally woven pattern. The fabric is woven in 100% cotton like our oxford shirts, but is considerably thinner and is therefore better suited to more formal events. The shirt has a modern cutaway collar with collar stays. This is necessary to hold the collar in place as a more formal shirt lacks buttondown buttons. Linen shirts are more informal, much like the oxford shirtt, but on the contrary, they are most suitable during the summer months when the fabric is very light and airy. Whichever shirt you choose, we are convinced that you will not be disappointed. If you also buy more, you save more. A quality shirt does not have to cost more. Welcome to Montenberg!